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Catalog of tours to Uzbekistan

Fascinating Tours to Uzbekistan - a country of green valleys, snowy peaks and the scorching desert, where the bright dazzling sun shines, where water is the source of life, and where kind and welcoming people live.
The tour includes sightseeing tours around Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Karshi, Tashkent cities.


Ruthless war and reckless human activities are destroying cities, shifting sands of the desert swallow whole civilization. In our proposed route you will take this path from the ancient ages to our days and visit such ancient fortress cities of Uzbekistan, as Ayaz-Kala, Toprak-kala, etc.


Active rest in Uzbekistan

Silk Road Tours to Uzbekistan

Do you like the keen senses? Would you like to become a traveler for a short while, subjugating desert on camel back, to roam about barkhans (sand-hills), to see majestic night sky. Travel Agency “Tashrif Tours” offers you Camel Tour with the dinner near the bonfire, singing of Akin, overnight in yurta.

Season: mid of march - end of october


Immersion in the ancient culture and traditions of Uzbekistan

Crafts of Uzbekistan Tour

In everyday terms, in our houses we are surrounded by soulless objects made on the production line in large quantities. Such thing has no its past, no creator and nor future. Think about what things are around you? Do you smile when looking at the thing in your house? Does it make your life warmer and happier? Every thing has its long story. It has its creators - human or machine, it has a certain period of time - a few years or centuries.We invite you to plunge into the world of things created by human hands. They have vibrant energy, history stretches back centuries.


Sufi Tours

Sufi tours

Sufi abode ...
How many of them spread out on the territory of Uzbekistan, and how little we know about them, about their inhabitants, of their righteous lives. Graves, where the righteous men lie, are honored in our days too, they have a wonderful property, through springs close to them, to help people get rid of ailments. In Sufi tour you have an opportunity to observe zikhr. You will meet a Sufi healer, who will help you enter into a state of Sufi meditation, and describe the practices used by Sufis.