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Sample of filling the customs declaration when entering and leaving Uzbekistan  
Points of access WI-FI Internet in Uzbekistan, in the cities of Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand  
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Useful advices

Organizational moments of tour to Uzbekistan

In case you booked a tour and you have been appointed meeting at the airport or train station our driver or our colleague will meet you with the tablet of "Tashrif Tours" or tablet of your name at the site.

You will have different guides in each city. The guide comes to the hall of the hotel according to the schedule and you will go to excursion.

Breakfasts at the hotel are served from 07:30 until 09:30. Breakfast is included in cost of living and its cost is not compensated in case, if a tourist refuses or is late for breakfast, or if the removal is before the time when breakfast is served at the hotel.

Documents required for entry to Uzbekistan

All foreign citizens need a visa to enter and travel in Uzbekistan. Our travel agency can provide you a visa support to obtain a visa only in case if you purchase tour to Uzbekistan.
For the citizens of Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine visa is not required.

For more information about visa to Uzbekistan and the process of obtaining it, addresses of embassies and consulates of Uzbekistan abroad see the section "Visa. Registration". 

To travel to Uzbekistan does not require mandatory medical or any other insurance.

Phones in Uzbekistan for emergency communication with our staff

If you call from foreign countries:
+ (998 65) 223-39-31, 224-53-42. Cell: + (998 90) 710-08-15, + (998 90) 718-02-03.

If calling from Uzbekistan (all cities except the Bukhara):
8 (365) 223-39-31, 224-53-42. Cell: 8 (590) 710-08-15, 8 (590) 718-02-03.

If calling from Bukhara, then: 223-39-31, 224-53-42. Cell: 710-08-15, 718-02-03.

At the airport in Uzbekistan

At the port of entry to Uzbekistan you will need to fill a customs declaration in 2 copies, one copy with the seal of the customs department will be left in your hands and you should keep it while you depart from Uzbekistan.

While completing the customs declaration, please, indicate the sum of currency, jewelry, traveler's checks you have. All other valuables and equipments, cellular phones should be declared by marking "used".

Not declared amount of money or valuables may be confiscated at customs.

Import of currency is not restricted, but the export - no more than the amount of imported and declared at the time of arrival. (The declaration will be cross-checked on departure).

Unlicensed discs, printed products can be confiscated at the customs.

The import of medicine for commercial purposes is prohibited in Uzbekistan. We recommend you to take only the most necessary medicines. In Uzbekistan there are no problems with the availability of medicines in pharmacies in cases of necessity.

Alcoholic beverages can be imported and exported up to 2 liters per person.

Sample of filling the customs declaration

Medical care

All medical services in Uzbekistan are chargeable. If you need a doctor, go to the reception of the hotel for calling a paid doctor and / or use medical insurance policy, if you have any.

You can draw up medical insurance policy at homeland, making sure from your insurance agent that it would be effective in Uzbekistan.

Our travel agency does not draw up insurance policy.

Currency, money, credit cards. Currency Exchange.

National currency and means of payment in the territory of Uzbekistan - Uzbek sum.

 In the exchange offices, which are usually situated in banks, large hotels, near to bazaars, markets, crowded places, you can exchange Euro, U.S. Dollar, Pound Sterling and Japanese Yen for Uzbek sum.

Rate of sum to foreign currencies changes every week, on Tuesday to +2-10 Sum. You can see rate of exchange on the site of the National Bank of Uzbekistan.

Practically it is impossible to exchange notes, which are creased, inscribed and over 2000.

Please beware of exchanging currency in the streets from strangers, because illegal currency exchange is punishable by law in Uzbekistan.

Few hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards. There may be technical problems when using credit cards. Therefore, we ask you to use credit cards as a fallback position, but not the foundation.

Not all banks cash traveler's checks.

To avoid misunderstandings, please, do not leave money, documents and valuables in the hotels in your absence. If you wish you can use a safe at the reception. 


Hotels must give to their guests the registration slip for a period of residence in this hotel.

Please make sure of the spelling of your name, date of stay at a hotel on the registration slip.

Registration slip may be required to show at the passport control on departure from Uzbekistan. The police also can require it to show.

If you decide to stay with friends or relatives, they must ensure that you are registered within three days in OVIR by place of residence.

When it is better to visit Uzbekistan

Tour to Uzbekistan is better in the period from March to June, from August to November. It is very hot in July. Heat rises to 50 degrees Celsius in the shade. You can plan a trip to the ski resorts in winter. Winter usually is mild in the cities of Uzbekistan.

In Uzbekistan the high temperature in summer does not greatly exhaust because of low humidity.


As you know, the East is famous for its hospitality. So in Uzbekistan tourism first of all is an age-old tradition of hospitality. This is one of the reasons why in Uzbekistan accommodation in small, family-type hotels and private homes are popular.

You will not lose, but rather win, if you give preference to such hotels. National flavor, a hearty breakfast and home comfort are guaranteed.

In every city there is also a choice of public hotels, which are not popular for various reasons.

Hotels, belonging to a popular hotel chains such as “InterContinental”, “Radisson”, “Dedeman” are functioning in large cities. We suggest you get acquainted with our catalogue of hotels, from which you may choose and book a room in the high-class hotel or a low-cost private hotel.

Entrance tickets

Entrance fees for architectural monuments, museums, palaces, necropolises are paid separately. A fee for video and photography of historic monuments inside is also paid separately. The cost of Tour-Package usually includes only the entrance fees to sites included in the excursion program.


Museums open from 09:00 to 18:00. Taking photographs at museums are allowed, but for an extra fee.

You can also take video for an extra fee.

Office hours of shops and others

Restaurants open till 23:00.
Public and commercial offices are open from 09:00-18:00, Monday - Saturday.
Banks work from 10:00-16:00, Monday - Friday.

Weekends and holidays

Day off is Sunday. On Saturday some offices work till the noon.

Public holidays:

  • January 1 – New Year
  • March 21 – Navruz (Spring holiday)
  • March 8 – International Women's Day
  • September 1 – Independence Day
  • May 9 – Day of Remembrance and Honor
  • October 1 –  Teacher’s Day
  • December 8 –  Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • the first day of the religious holiday "Ruza Khayit" or "Eid-al-Fitr" in July 17 for 2015 y.
  • the first day of the religious holiday "Qurban Khayit" or "Eid-al-Adha" in September 23 for 2015 y.


At 220 V, 50 Hz alternating current.

Safety and sanitation

There is preconception about unsafety of Uzbekistan. But we want to say that this is wrong. Uzbekistan is very safe country not only because of peaceful and hospitable nature of the local population, but also because of that the state pays much attention to the security of its national and foreign citizens, so crime is very low here.

If you are not doing anything illegal  and if you have all required documents, we assure you that you should not fear anything and anybody.

In Uzbekistan you can meet poisonous spiders and snakes only in the desert. Even there you need to look for them thoroughly.

There is a low probability of the occurrence of the terrorism acts here. And there is no problem with insanitariness in Uzbekistan.


We want to caution you against excessive enthusiasm for delicious national dishes, as different spices and flavorings are often used in the Uzbek cuisine, that’s why the food sometimes can be greasy, spicy...

Eating such foods may adversely affect the state of health of older people and people who are suffering from cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal diseases. We recommend you to choose the appropriate dish.

Vegetarian Food

Unfortunately, there are little restaurants and cafes with a purely vegetarian menu in Uzbekistan. However, the menu of a good restaurant may offer you several dishes without meat and a few salads.

Vegetarian can be pleased of clean fruits and vegetables in the markets in the period from March to November, at very reasonable prices. We can also recommend the Uzbek dried fruits, nuts, spices. Better purchase it on large markets.

Food point or public catering

In Uzbekistan there are a lot of small cozy cafe where you can sit in silence and tranquility, or under the soft music.

You can eat in a small cafe too. There are always a few dishes in the menu. Prices are lower than in the restaurants and the food is usually fresh and tasty, like at home.

Usually the restaurants menu have dishes of national cuisine. Dishes of Russian, Korean, Italian cuisine are very popular too. Chinese and European cuisine can be found very rarely.

In the East chaykhana (literally - a tea room) has a high social and cultural value. This is not just a place where you can drink tea - a popular drink in the East, but also eat tasty and nourishing food. Menu usually consists of national dishes.

Water, Heat and Drinks

Drinking water from the tap is not recommended. In the hotels, restaurants and shops you can buy mineral water in plastic bottles.

Before eating fruits and vegetables always rinse them in boiled or running water, and in any case do not drink water from the tap after eating them.

Alcoholic beverages are sold in bars and restaurants, shops. Uzbek wines, mostly red, dry and semidry are recognized as one of the best in the world, and almost have no chemical additives. Try the wine "Marvarid", "Omar Khayyam" - excellent quality and very tasty.

There are always local beer brands of good quality on sale.

Clothing and footwear

If your trip is planned for the period from April to October, take wide-brimmed hat and loose clothes, from fine natural linen. Do not forget sunglasses and sunscreen because the sun in Uzbekistan is very blazing.

You can dress in any style, even shorts. However, during excursions, usually involving a visit of religious places, try not to insult the pilgrims and attendants of mosques with excessively unnecessarily defiant clothes and confine yourself with thin but loose clothes.

As regards to urban and evening dresses there are no restrictions on it.

For excursions and for Camel tour is better to use light, open or sport footwear, which will not hinder your movement. Tours include hiking excursions that is why such footwear will be very handy.

Export of cultural values

Some art products are expertised before exporting them from Uzbekistan. In case of questions on the examination turn to sellers, guides, drivers or anyone of our staff.

Handicrafts such as carpets, Susane (embroidered bedspread, tablecloth), musical instruments, art furniture, literature - more than 3 books, paintings, drawings, sculpture, artistic silverware, utensils made of silver are expertised.

 Do not hurry to buy antiques, first asks the seller to call an expert to evaluate the product, because some products may be more than 30 years, and in that case, you are not allowed to take it from Uzbekistan. Infringers are fined and antiques are confiscated.

Mobile Communications in Uzbekistan



In Uzbekistan, you can easily find internet in the internet cafes and most of the hotels and restaurants.

For example:

Points of access WI-FI in Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand




Hotel "Markaziy" (lobby and rooms)

Hotel "Grand Samarkand" (lobby & rooms)

Hotel "Amulet" (yard & rooms)

Hotel "Uzbekistan" (lobby)

Hotel "Malika Prime" (lobby)

Hotel "Sasha & Son" (yard & rooms)

Hotel "Dedeman" (lobby and rooms)

Hotel "Malika Samarkand" (lobby)

Hotel "Asia" (lobby & rooms)

Hotel "Raddison Sas" (lobby)

Hotel "Samarkand Plaza" (lobby)

Hotel "Salom Inn" (lobby & rooms)

Hotel "Tashkent Palace" (lobby)

Hotel "Konstantin" (lobby & rooms)

Hotel "Kabir" (lobby & rooms)

Hotel complex "Oazis-Asaka"

Hotel "Regal Palace" (lobby)

Restaurant "Caravan"

Restaurant "Caravan"
Abdulla Kahhar street,  22

Hotel "Dilshoda B&B" (yard)

Cafe "Pelican"

Restaurant "Ariston-park"
Makhatma Gandi street

Restaurant  "Platan"
Pushkin street 2

Bar "Black Square"

Restaurant "Rachel"
H. Alimjan street, 5

Cafe "Regina"
A.Temur street 65, room.2

Private internet cafe opposite Lyabi Hauz (the center of the Old city)

Guidebooks of Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan standard time is GMT+5.


The climate is continental, resulting in significant fluctuations of day and night, summer and winter temperatures. Average January temperature is lowered to -6 ° C, and the average of July rises to +32 ° C.

An abundance of solar heat (in a year - about 3000 hours of sunlight). Precipitation insignificant.

Office hours of shops and other

Shops do not work according to a certain time-table. In winter, shops are open from 9.00 to 20.00 with a lunch break from 12.00 to 13.00. Government offices are open daily, except Sundays, from 9.00 to 18.00.


The drivers, porters, guides, staff in the hotels are deserved the promotion, if the client has been satisfied with the service. The restaurant tips are included in the bill.   

Psychology of haggle

In the East, haggling is a kind of art. While bargaining, talk very loudly, and pretend that you doubt in your "victory". Certainly, a trader will never level down the price to sum which you say, because of principle. But to reduce the price to 20% by bargaining is really possible.

It is worth to bargain till the end, having tired the seller, and satisfied the curiosity of buyers.

Of course, the seller will tell you his first customer for the present day and so he gives goods for almost nothing.

Things will feel better. Sellers will respect a skilled buyer and give much more readily.

 Have fun by making a purchase.

Rule of Conduct

Men greet each other by shaking hands. But do not shake hands of women and girls, without asking their permission firstly. As it is not customary to shake women’s hands, greet them verbally.

Do not enter Uzbeks’ houses with shoes on. If the owner goes ahead of you and enters in the shoe, then this ban is removed.

Ramadan - the Muslim month of fasting, however, restaurants, bars and cafes work in usual order.


State language in the Republic of Uzbekistan is Uzbek. In the cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, however, the main language of communication among local residents is Tajik.

Russian language is very common, and it can be attributed to 80% of the population.


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