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Outstanding people of Ferghana

Abul Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammed ibn Kazir al-Ferghani - great scientist encyclopaedist was born in the Ferghana Valley around 789 years.
Through the centuries have survived his fundamental works on mathematics, geography, astronomy, contained in his works: "The book about the origins of science of astronomy", "The book is about the reasons of the celestial spheres", "Book of Celestial Movements", "Summary of the Science of the Stars", "Theoretical calculations on the field”.
In the last years of his life he lived in Cairo, where he created a unique device "Nilometer" - the construction of water level in the Nile. It came to our days and is one of the attractions of Cairo.

Umar Ahmad al-Ferghani in 861.
In 2007, Cairo was inaugurated a monument to Ahmad al-Ferghani, so far from home Fergana commemorated and paid tribute to the outstanding scientist of the Middle Ages.

In 1998, by the decision of UNESCO the entire world community celebrated the 1200 anniversary of the birth of Ahmad al-Fergani. To this date was timed opening in the city of Ferghana remarkable monument to the great Uzbek scientists - Abul Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Kazir al-Fergana.