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Pictures of Uzbekistan:  
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Sufi khonaka neighborhood Bukhara  
Bukhara quarters. Pirs (holyman graves). Wondering dervishes of Bukhara  
Seven sufies (pirs) of Bukhara  
Symbols and Inscriptions on Muslim monuments  
"Khazor Nur" (Thousand lights)  
The great sufis and holyman of Uzbekistan graves  

Tashkent Pictures

Tashkent view from TV tower
Tashkent view from TV tower
Tashkent view from TV tower
TV tower
Hazret Imam
Mausoleum of Kaffal al- Shashi
(16 century)
Memorial to victims of repression
Monument to victims of repression
Opera and Ballet Theater named after Alisher Navoi
Medreseh Barak-khan (15-16 centuries)

Russian Orthodox Church
Memorial to mother
Osman's Koran
Memorial to victims of earthquake
Aqua Park
Business Center
Building of the National Bank
Weaving workshop
Hokimiyat Building ( City Hall )
Monument of Alisher Navoi
TV tower